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The African American Interpretive Center of Minnesota (AAICM) strives to create a space in which black identity is celebrated and shared through the study of and interaction with the history of black Minnesotans.


The African American Interpretive Center will be the preeminent space for the community to reflect on the black experience in Minnesota centered on themes of history, identity, culture, the arts, and community building.  



We incorporate the history, stories and legacies of black Minnesotans in our exhibits in order to fairly represent the contribution that this community has made to Minnesota society.


We create a space that provides an opportunity for a larger audience to connect with the experiences of black Minnesotans throughout history. The sharing of these experiences is facilitated by participation in community based programs focused on the exchange of knowledge and ideas.


We are committed to exploring issues that are unique and diverse within the history of African Americans in Minnesota through academic research and stories that were preserved by families within the community. To explore and find a sense of self within our wider society.


To complete all work with the highest level of transparency and accountability to our community and the public.


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